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Might & Magic Heroes VI Danse Macabre Adventure Pack


Years before the events of Heroes VI, the Wizard Sandro was expelled from the ranks of the Spider Cult and banished from the Seven Cities, his staff of power confiscated. For decades, his fate remained a mystery. In the aftermath of Heroes VI, the Great Lich returns with a vengeance.

To accomplish his nefarious scheme, Sandro must first find the Staff of the Netherworld, an ancient artifact currently held in the private collection of Duke Ovidio of the Bull. Then Sandro will have to unseal the mysteries surrounding a powerful artifact, the Ring of the Unrepentant…

Sandro is a legendary Villain, a power-hungry Lich pursuing his own goal using Machiavellian schemes and stratagems.

Control the destiny of Sandro as he defies men and Dragon Gods, setting carefully planned events into motion that will change Ashan forever.

Over 10-hours of intense and epic adventure:

Experience a new and original story starring Sandro, the greatest villain of Might and Magic® Discover new secrets of Ashan in the exclusive new map of Xeen.

A Tale of two Guardians : As the time of the Reunification draws near, the world of XEEN is in turmoil. An Undead warlord, calling himself "Lord Xeen", is determined to conquer the land and has already managed to capture Prince Roland. But a mysterious being arises to face this threat...

Journey back to the strange and mysterious World of XEEN, to relive the legendary battle between Corak and Sheltem, the powerful Guardians!

New artifacts and bonuses:


New Pet : Alma

Alma is no ordinary Raven : Sandro’s most faithful companion as been at his side since his excommunication from the Spider Cult. But Alma is also useful as a spy, that can be sent to fly over and recon parts of the map.


New Building : Magic Menagerie

The Magic Menagerie, part-circus, part-poachers selling wild animals and exotic creatures, is a good place to buy exotic creatures for your armies, such as Wolves and Mermaids.


New Dynasty Weapon

After Sar-Elam became the Seventh Dragon, many of his followers tried to follow in his footsteps and undergo the same perilous journey through the Spirit World, to achieve the same transcendence.
None succeeded.

Those who survived the ordeal, including his 7 disciples, however acquired great knowledge and wisdom during their spiritual quest. One initiate named Taybah, though, met a gruesome demise on the path of elevation. The foolhardy scholar believed the key to success was to skirt around the Spirit World altogether, taking a shortcut through the Void itself.

But as his spirit crossed into the Void, Taybah's spirit was twisted in a silent scream as it became frozen out of time and space. Simultaneously, in the physical world, his body decomposed in a matter of seconds, to the horror of the witnesses present around him. All that remained of Taybah was his skull.

Nobody remembers who had the idea to mount the skull on a staff, creating the artifact now known as the Staff of the Netherworld, but it has always been thought to be cursed. It is said that looking in the skull's eyes is like staring into the Void.



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