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The Conflux is the online frame of the game. When the player is connected, he will access a lot of different additional in-game bonuses while playing. The Conflux appears in the Main Menu as a Conflux Taskbar that includes the Conflux Widgets window and the Altar of Wishes.

Conflux Menu 1Conflux Menu 1

The Conflux Taskbar

When you are connected to the Conflux, the Conflux Taskbar is always on the screen while in the Main Menu, but it is hidden by default during gameplay. You can click on the Show/Hide the Conflux Taskbar button on the upper right corner to display it or hide it, even during gameplay.
The Online button located on the left side of the Show/Hide the Conflux Taskbar button shows your online status: it is blue when you are connected and grey while not. Click on it to connect or disconnect from the Conflux.

The Conflux Widgets

The Conflux Widgets are basic tools to get information or get involved in the Might and Magic Heroes VI community. They are located in the upper left part of the Conflux Taskbar. It consists of the Manage Widgets button and the shortcuts to the different Widgets. You can get more information on the Conflux Widgets in the specific section of the website.

“My Dynasty” window

This window sums-up your player details as well as your dynasty info. It includes your Dynasty Online Profile, Heroes, Bestiary and Achievements. You can get more info on the “My Dynasty” window in the specific section of the website.



In Might and Magic Heroes VI, the community is now part of the game, and you will have direct access to several community services while playing, thanks to the Conflux Widgets. Widgets are small applications that include a specific piece of information or media that you can display in the Main Menu or while playing a map.

Conflux widget 1Conflux widget 1
Conflux widget 2Conflux widget 2

We wanted this system to be flexible and customizable, so you can manage your Conflux Widgets the way you want, displaying the services you’re most interested in.

Here are the different Conflux Widgets that are available for the moment:

  • News – Check the latest official news in this widget.
  • Friends – Manage your friends, view their online status and initiate chat and games with them.
  • Chat – Chat with other online players in chat rooms or in private. Chat rooms are automatically created for multiplayer games.
  • Skype® – Chat with your Skype contacts directly from the game.
  • Leaderboards – Compare your score with your friends or all players.
  • Notes – Create your own notes and save them online.
  • UPLAY – Follow your Uplay Actions and Rewards.

It’s important to note that widgets will be updated after the game’s release. Look out for new, exciting ones soon!



While roaming the campaign maps of Might and Magic Heroes VI, you will sometimes encounter Conflux Orbs. Every Conflux Orb is a sort of mini-forum that is placed on the campaign map.

Conflux orbs 1Conflux orbs 1

You will be able to post messages and hints, specific to that map location, viewable by all other players. You will also be able to rate other player’s comments. You can then filter those comments via the following three criteria:

  • New Posts
  • Best Ranked Posts
  • Friends’ Posts

These Conflux Orbs can be really helpful if you’re blocked somewhere in the campaign, with no way of moving forward or a big challenge ahead. You will then learn from other players’ experiences, and of course share yours!

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