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The Dynasty Online Profile displays useful information you will be able to share and compare with other Might and Magic Heroes VI players.

Conflux online profile 1Conflux online profile 1

This Dynasty Online Profile includes the following information:

  • Your Dynasty Rank, Dynasty Tokens and Dynasty Experience is displayed in the Dynasty Details section.
  • In the Recent Games section you can see the information and results of your latest Single Player and Multiplayer games.
  • In the Player Statistics section you can see your statistics in Single Player and in Multiplayer.

The Dynasty Online Profile is also where:

  • You can choose your Player Portrait and your Dynasty Icon. New Player Portraits can be unlocked via the Altar of Wishes.
  • You can select a Player Title, for instance if you have the spirit of a warrior, you could perhaps choose: “the destroyer”. Player Titles are unlocked when earning Dynasty Achievements or through the Altar of Wishes.
  • You can select a hero from your Dynasty to showcase to other players In the Favourite Hero section.
  • You can select a maximum of four Achievements to showcase to other players and also display the Latest Unlocked Achievements in the Favorite Achievements section.



In Might and Magic Heroes VI you will be able to create and manage your personal Dynasty of Heroes.

Though the Griffin dynasty is composed of blood-relations in the Might and Magic Heroes VI campaign, your personal dynasty is determined by your vassal's relationships. Therefore, your Dynasty Heroes could be composed of very different heroes from various factions.

Conflux heroes 1Conflux heroes 1
Conflux heroes 2Conflux heroes 2

All your Dynasty Heroes will accumulate Dynasty Experience and improve the power of your entire Dynasty by unlocking new Dynasty Achievements, Dynasty Traits and Dynasty Weapons.

Conflux heroes 3Conflux heroes 3

All your Dynasty Heroes share your unlocked Dynasty Traits. Also, all your Dynasty Heroes can share, level-up and upgrade your Dynasty Weapons.

Note that if you level-up a Dynasty Weapon with one Dynasty Hero and then equip it on another Dynasty Hero, the Dynasty Weapon level will adapt to the current Dynasty Hero’s level.



Dynasty Weapons are powerful artifacts that earn experience and can gain up to five new abilities when leveling-up. Do not underestimate the power of a Dynasty Weapon! It could give you an edge during hard battles.

Conflux weapons 1Conflux weapons 1
Conflux weapons 2Conflux weapons 2

Like the Dynasty Traits, Dynasty Weapons are part of your Dynasty, meaning that any hero of your Dynasty can equip any of the unlocked Dynasty Weapons.

Here are an example of Dynasty Weapons you can find in Might and Magic Heroes VI:

Dynasty Weapon: Staff of the Tides


While Medusae are known to be solitary, they occasionally join pirate crews, or unite to form small sects dedicated to the Wrecker. They can then join their powers to summon tsunamis and tempests to destroy merchant ships and even small coastal villages. The Staff of the Tides once belonged to the headmistress of such a cult. The famous bounty-hunter Hamato was hired to find and destroy the cult and beheaded the Medusa leader, claiming the staff as a trophy along with her head.



At the beginning of a map, you will be able to choose Dynasty Traits, either in single player or multiplayer. They will grant your hero with passive bonuses for the whole map.

The Traits are part of your Dynasty, meaning that any hero of your Dynasty will be able to choose from your pool of unlocked Dynasty Traits.

Conflux traits 1Conflux traits 1

There are a lot of different Dynasty Traits you can unlock and earn while playing the game, giving you more or less powerful bonuses.

At the beginning of your adventure, you will only have access to a single Dynasty Trait slot. You will however be able to unlock new Dynasty Trait slotsin the Altar of Wishes.

You can unlock two additional Dynasty Trait slots. Having three unlocked slots enables you to choose nice bonus combos; it’s up to you to find your favourite ones!



Dynasty Achievements show the feats you have managed to achieve in the game. They are numerous, so only the bravest of you will be able to unlock them all!

Conflux achievements 1Conflux achievements 1

You can select some Dynasty Achievements you want to show to other players in your online profile, but also compare them with other players you have flagged as Friends in-game.

Unlocking Dynasty Achievements will bring you Dynasty Tokens needed to unlock extra content in the Altar of Wishes! All Dynasty Achievements will bring you Dynasty Tokens, but some might even bring you additional rewards, such as special Player Titles for example.

Experience / Dynasty Rank


The Dynasty Experience represents the total amount of experience earned by all your Dynasty Heroes.Other players can see your progress via your Dynasty Online Profile. Your Dynasty Experience bar fills up when one of your Dynasty Heroes performs an in-game action, while being online.

The more Dynasty Experience you earn, the higher your Dynasty Rank will be. When reaching a new Dynasty Rank, you will unlock new items in the Altar of Wishes.

Altar of Wishes


Welcome to the Altar of Wishes!Here you will be able to use your Dynasty Tokens earned by completing Dynasty Achievements, to unlock a large panel of extra content.

Conflux altar 1Conflux altar 1

At the very beginning, you won’t have access to all the items of the Altar of Wishes. To unlock more content, you will have to increase your Dynasty Rank by earning Dynasty Experience. It’s a little like a loyalty card, the more you play, the more you earn Dynasty Experience and unlock new Dynasty Ranks which leads to new items unlocked in the Altar of Wishes.

Here are some examples of content available in the Altar of Wishes:

  • Hero Portraits
  • Player Titles
  • DynastyWeapons
  • Dynasty Traits
  • Dynasty Trait Slots
  • And more…

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