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Welcome to the Conflux page

For the first time in the Might & Magic series, Heroes VI now includes a brand new online system.

Though the game is fully playable offline, if you choose to play while connected with your Uplay account, you will have the opportunity to access extra game features extending your game experience.

These bonuses are all part of what we call the Conflux and are only available when playing online.

What’s the conflux ?


The Dynasty extends your gameplay experience

In the MMH6 story, you have to lead the Heroes of the Griffin dynasty through an intriguing scenario.

With the online dynasty system, you are now able to build up your own dynasty of heroes and then become a part of the legend.


If you are online, you can get access to unique ways to power up and customize your dynasty with special traits or legendary weapons giving you a tactical edge in your upcoming battles.

Here is an example of a dynasty weapon you can find in the game:

Dynasty Weapon: Staff of the Tides


While Medusae are known to be solitary, they occasionally join pirate crews, or unite to form small sects dedicated to the Wrecker. They can then join their powers to summon tsunamis and tempests to destroy merchant ships and even small coastal villages. The Staff of the Tides once belonged to the headmistress of such a cult. The famous bounty-hunter Hamato was hired to find and destroy the cult and beheaded the Medusa leader, claiming the staff as a trophy along with her head.


Your feats on battlegrounds are written in memories in the form of Dynasty achievements giving you tokens to buy extra content in the Altar of Whishes shop.


You will then become more powerful, progress faster, get more dynasty experience and finally earn numerous victories allowing you to reach the top of the dynasty ranking.

Share and compare - Keep in touch with the whole community

You can also share and compare your progression with other players through your online profile.


Your online profile gathers all sort of useful information on the game, such as stats about creatures you met in game through the bestiary.

In MMH6, the community is now part of the game, and you will have direct access to several community services while playing thanks to the widgets system.


You’ll be able to find all the news and info about MMH6 and the community, as well as chat with your friends.

You will also be able to share your own experiences in the game directly using the conflux orbs. Even in the single player campaign!

Stay tuned, more info coming soon in this section!

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