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Might & Magic Heroes VI Pirates of the Savage Sea Adventure Pack


The year following the events of Heroes VI, several ships have disappeared in the Savage Sea during sudden and mysterious storms. Although not so surprising, these waters are known to be dangerous and unforgiving, but these captains in particular were experienced seafarers.

The Pirate Council has hired the legendary Crag Hack to find out what happened and the whereabouts of the lost ships. Crag Hack has been it all: mercenary, barbarian, and pirate so he is aware of the dangers that lie ahead. It is time again for this legendary Hero to be called out of retirement and embark on a new and perilous adventure.

Rumors claim a Thunderbird is nesting somewhere in the islands and is responsible for the bad weather. If it is true, the Pirate, Crag Hack, will need to find the bird and put an end to its threat.

His journey will lead him through the Savage Sea to discover a sinister cult that is posing a threat to the welfare of Ashan’s Pirates.

Over 10-hours of Intense and Epic Adventures

Experience an original and exclusive story starring the well-loved Legacy Hero and discover the new secrets of Ashan.

Rediscover the Richness of the Might & Magic Universe

A unique scenario map, based on Varn, a famous legacy world of the Might & Magic Universe.

After 25 years of peace, King Alamar of Varn has died, and his only heiress, the young Princess Penelope, has been abducted by a Necromancer cabal. As a result, the lords of Varn prepare for war, hoping to claim the throne for themselves. Having been rescued from the dungeons of the Necromancers, Penelope will have to reconquer a divided realm.

New Artifacts and Bonuses

Recover the Sword of the Pirate King, a powerful Dynasty Weapon forged by the Bloodsmiths of Hammer Fall.


Unlock the exclusive Thunderbird pet, one of the greater spirits of the Air.

Discover many other rewards including one unique building to recruit neutral Elementals, new portraits, the Pirate Artifact Set and much more!


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