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Sentinel (Upgrade: Praetorian)

The mighty Sentinels are the first line of defense of the Holy Empire. They are volunteers who have proven their loyalty to the Emperor and their devotion to Elrath. They have sworn an oath to protect their brothers-in-arms with their heavy shield and, if needed, their lives. For their own personal protection, they rely entirely on their faith.

Sentinel - Praetorian abilities :

  • Shielded (Basic & Upgrade): The Sentinels of the Holy Empire are renowned for their discipline and military coordination. At the first sign of an attack from the sky, they lift in unison their powerful shields forming a veritable wall of protection over their heads. Whenever any sentinel cries "to the sky", the others react immediately, crouching and raising their shields.
  • Shieldguard (Basic & Upgrade): The Sentinels of the Holy Empire have earned their honorable status through acts of courage and demonstrations of fearlessness. On the battlefield, they react quickly to protect those who are in danger around them, moving in unison like the first rays of light on a cold winter's morning.
  • Shield Bash (Upgrade): The Praetorians of the Holy Empire have earned their promotion from Sentinel to elite guardians as much for their selfless dedication to their duties as for their excellent skills in melee. If an enemy attacks those they are assigned to protect, they strike the aggressor immediately in a cry of rage, assuring that the act does not remain unpunished.
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Sentinel
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Praetorian Might and Magic Heroes VI - Praetorian
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Sentinel in game

Crossbowman (Upgrade: Marksman)

Many stories are told about how Ronan Falcon, armed only with courage and honor, triumphed over the human clan lords and united them to form the Empire that would bear his name. But it is closer to the truth to say that the crossbow is the true reason why he was victorious. To this day, the Crossbowmen of the Empire are still feared in every corner of Ashan!

Crossbowman - Marksman abilities :

  • Armor Piercing (Basic & Upgrade): The Crossbowmen of the Holy Empire are feared by common soldiers as well as knights. Their coordinated volleys are renowned, but their lethal reputation comes from the tremendous power coiled in their weapons. The bolts launched from their crossbows are said capable of piercing dwarven marble.
  • Piercing Bolt (Upgrade): Marksmen have become masters of the crossbow and learned lethal techniques allowing them to make maximum usage of each of their powerful bolts. Not only do the front lines of their enemies fear their piercing strikes, but those standing behind their target must remain extremely wary.
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Crossbowman
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Marksman
 Might and Magic Heroes VI - Crossbowman in game

Griffin (Upgrade: Imperial Griffin)

Griffins were created in the Mythic Age from the spontaneous magical fusion of lions and eagles. At that time the surface of Ashan was irrigated by dragon-veins, remnants of the Dragon Gods' wars, and animals that drank of these untamed rivers of dragon blood and magic were permanently altered by it. It is said that an act of compassion by an eagle who rescued a lion being carried away by the current of a dragon-vein gave rise to this formidable species.

Griffin - Imperial Griffin abilities :

  • Diving Attack (Basic & Upgrade): When Griffins take flight in the heat of a battle it is not a sign that their morale is low. They affection diving on their opponents in a strafe of claws and beaks that can level a line of enemies. Many a man on Ashan will tell you that hell is below the earth deep within the bowels of Sheogh. Anyone who has ever met Griffin in combat knows that the sky should be feared even more.
  • Unlimited Retaliation (Basic & Upgrade): Griffins are said to be animated by the magic of the Dragon-gods and are prized allies of the Holy Empire. Their fury in battle, their wild resolve, and their amazing agility permit them to retaliate against any and all assailants that surround them. As the saying in the Empire goes, "Outflanking a Griffin's as easy as stealing a kiss from a maiden when her father's holding her hand."
  • Diving Assault (Upgrade): Imperial Griffins have spent many years with their human allies, and have learned the tactical importance of weakening an enemy line in battle. When they take to the sky, they return and strike their opponents at the moment they think the greatest danger has passed. As the great Emperor Connor the 1st once said, "We're never outnumbered, for as long as we have a Griffin with a breast plate who can still fly."
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Griffin
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Imperial Griffin
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Griffin in game

Seraph (Upgrade: Celestial)

Physically imposing and striking in their perfection, the Angels of the Light are Elrath's messengers – and shock troops – on the face of Ashan. They are taller than normal humans, far more beautiful, and project an aura of power and confidence. Seraphim, on the other hand, are smaller and more human-like in their appearance. They started to appear after the creation of the Falcon Empire. Their true origins remain a mystery, but their devotion to Elrath is total. In battle they wield the twin blades of Judgment and Mercy.

Seraph - Celestial abilities :

  • Blade of Mercy (Basic): "The Seraph has a blade that can bring a valiant soul back to life on the battlefield. This magic is neither arcane nor ritualistic. They call upon the power of Light instinctively, using their faith in Elrath as a catalyst." This note, taken from the writings of a teacher of the Wizards of the Seven Cities, is amazingly accurate. Soldiers of the Holy Empire fight with greater courage and less fear when there is a Seraph amongst their ranks, for death is not necessarily permanent.
  • Blade of Judgment (Basic & Upgrade): "If ever you strike an ally of Elrath, the Seraph will know it, for the steel in her blade will tremble." from the Requiem verses of Queen Tuihdana. The Seraph's Blade of Judgment is said to be attuned to the pain taken by her allies. It stores the transgression as a power, and when the ally's aggressor is attacked, the pain adds to the target's woes.
  • Blade of Epiphany (Upgrade): "I was dead I tell you, and the Arch-Angel Michael brought me back. I came back stronger and faster. Alive again... to do Elrath's bidding!" This is a typical testimony of a resurrected soldier in Michael's campaign against the Prince of Hate. Had it not been for the tremendous resurrection powers of the Celestials, the demons would have certainly destroyed the Holy Empire.
  • Absolute Purity (Upgrade): The Celestials' determination and faith in Elrath make them immune to all magic that attempts to hinder or sway them from their path. This tremendous ability has given rise to a well-known expression in the Forests of Irrolan. "Curse a Celestial? You might as well try cursing the sun!"
MMH6 - Haven - SeraphMMH6 - Haven - Seraph
MMH6 - Haven - CelestialMMH6 - Haven - Celestial

Sister (Upgrade: Vestal)

The Sisters of Elrath are devoted to the worship of the Dragon of Light. Chosen for their spiritual gifts, these women have dedicated their lives to bringing light and warmth to all the people in need. Sisters of Elrath are respected and loved by all the citizens of the Empire, and in war times they are on the front lines to care for the wounded.

Sister-Vestal abilities

  • Heal (Basic & Upgrade): The Sisters and Vestals of the Holy Empire, emboldened by their faith in Elrath, master the healing powers of the DragonGod of Light. Many soldiers recount the tale of being saved in extremis in the heat of a bloody battle by the warm hands of a Sister. Some even claim that they were dead, but that the priestess brought them back to life.
  • Pacification (Upgrade): The Vestals of the Holy Empire walk with a natural aura of purity and truth that brings spiritual pause to the enemies they attack. Their resolve and beauty has been known to strike their enemies speechless. A well-known Elven ballad recounts a battle with Vestals, claiming that each blow they delivered felt like being slapped on the face by your mother.
MMH6 - Haven - SisterMMH6 - Haven - Sister
MMH6 - Haven - Vestal MMH6 - Haven - Vestal

Radiant Glory (Upgrade: Blazing Glory)

In the Spirit Realm, Elrath's dominion is filled with myriads of Radiant Glories. Some are elevated by the Dragon-God of Light to a higher status. Vessels of the will of Elrath, sent as envoys and advisors to his most faithful followers, Radiant Glories are shining creatures who can flare into brilliance and blind their enemies. The generals of the Holy Empire soon found an use for these beings of burning light.

Radiant Glory - Blazing Glory abilities :

  • Speed of Light (Basic & Upgrade): Glories are thought to be spirits of pure light, and they attack with blinding speed. An appropriate old saying best explains their power: "Parrying the attack of a Glory is like trying to pin your shadow to the wall." Try it! It's not an easy matter.
  • Cleansing Light (Basic & Upgrade): "Glories are to justice what a hammer is to an anvil." When magic has been used on the battlefield to change the outcome of a fight that a Glory deems just, it brightens in anger emanating a cleansing burst. The will of Elrath is that all battles are won through courage and faith, but never trickery.
  • Searing Light (Upgrade): A Blazing Glory is said to be a mirror of pure truth that can reveal your soul. Its gaze blinds those who are unwilling to repent from their faults. In the heat of a battle, the Blazing Glory will often force an enemy to look into its purity, causing both pain and blindness. Those who survive the searing light are never quite the same.
MMH6 - Haven - Radient GloryMMH6 - Haven - Radient Glory
MMH6 - Haven - Blazing GloryBMMH6 - Haven - lazing Glory

Sun Rider (Upgrade: Sun Crusader)

There are many knights in the Holy Empire, but only those deemed worthy by Elrath himself can join the Order of the Holy Sun. Commonly known as Sun Riders, these champions of the Light are riding enchanted steeds summoned from Elrath's spiritual realm. These magical mounts are said to be able to ride on the faintest ray of light.

Sun Rider - Sun Crusader abilities

  • Charge (Basic & Upgrade): The legendary charge of the Sun Riders is a sight as beautiful as it is deadly. Many first-hand stories claim that the riders gain force the longer the distance they cover before their attack. Some of this is due to the increased speed of their mounts, but when seen from afar, one would swear that a magical light accumulates around their bodies in an ever-growing aura as they cross each parcel of ground between themselves and their enemy.
  • Blinding Charge (Upgrade): "May Elrath's Light guide you swiftly on to your next life! Prepare to meet your Dragon-god!" The war cry of the Sun Crusader Baron Bernard has been passed down from generation to generation and exemplifies more than anything the tremendous amount of time he had to smite his enemies while he charged down upon them. It is said that his armor and shield reflected the light of the sun, creating a beacon that singled out the target of his wrath, blinding his adversaries. It was considered by many to be a merciful power, as it gave its victims a brief moment to prepare their soul for the transition from life to death.
  • Sun Steed (Upgrade): The Sun Crusader has attained a level of faith in Elrath that links his own determination to that of the Dragon-God of Light. No obstacle may impede him from attacking the target his pure heart has decided must be vanquished. His mount is momentarily transformed into light, and like some holy wraith, allows the rider to go anywhere and through anything for a brief and devastating moment. This power alone has changed the art of warfare on Ashan over the last centuries for a Sun Crusader may flank an opposing army by simply charging straight through the enemy lines.
MMH6 - Haven - Sun RiderMMH6 - Haven - Sun Rider
MMH6 - Haven - Sun Crusader MMH6 - Haven - Sun Crusader

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