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Hellhound (Upgrade: Cerberus)

Cerberi are servants of the Demon Overlord of Voracity. These two-headed fire breathing mastiffs outclass even the sabretooth tigers or dire wolves in size, speed and ferocity.

Hellhound - Cerberus abilities :

  • Unlimited Retaliation (Basic & Upgrade): A Hell Hound is never caught off guard and attacking one never goes unpunished. Trained for the hunt of extremely dangerous prey and as guards for even more dangerous treasures, its doubly keen sense of smell and hearing make it impossible to attack without getting at least one bite in return.
  • Eye of Gluttony (Basic & Upgrade): Once a Hell Hound or Cerberus has been wounded by an enemy, its senses are filled with an uncontrollable hunger to bring down its aggressor. The odor of its assailant overcomes it and gives rise to a ravenous frenzy. In this state, the two-headed beast's attacks are more devastating against its marked foe until all its aggressors are killed or the combat ends.
  • Voracious (Upgrade): A Cerberus is voracious, and as the saying goes in Sheogh, "Two heads are better than one, as long as you have two plates to feed them with." The Cerberus affections multiple targets when they are aligned in front of it: it makes it all the easier to find something to bite.
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Hellbound
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Cerberus

Juggernaut (Upgrade: Ravager)

Servants of the Demon Overlord of Destruction, Juggernauts are easily identified by their immense horns and their basalt-covered fists and hooves. In battle, they rush violently (and sometimes blindly) into the enemies lines, impaling their enemies with their horns, crushing them with a swing of their massive arms, or trampling them to a bloody pulp.

When needed, they even make good battering rams.

Juggernaut - Ravager abilities :

  • Chaotic Armor (Basic & Upgrade): The Juggernauts have made a pact with Ur-Khrag, the Overlord of Destruction. In exchange for their promise to destroy all that Asha has created, they have been given an organic armor that mutates constantly, making it impossible to hamper magically. Many a wizard has died with eyes open in astonishment, as his most powerful spell has no affect against the creatures.
  • Unstoppable Charge (Basic & Upgrade): Juggernauts affection opportunities to destroy all living and un-living creations of Asha, the Dragon-Goddess of Order. Whether organic or mineral, their charge creates a wake of destruction that obliterates everything in its path on the way to its target. It is said that they particularly adore the sound of shattering stone. It is music to their ears that remind them of the mines in Sheogh where they often choose to live.
  • Taunting Presence (Upgrade): The Ravager's presence on the battlefield is so impressive that all enemies around it consider it to be the only force capable of determining the outcome of the battle. This magical aura of imminent destruction acts like a beacon and the Ravager draws all attacks towards itself, even when a closer and more dangerous foe is standing right next to the aggressor.
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Juggernaut
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Juggernaut RavagerJuggernaut Ravager

Pit Fiend (Upgrade: Pit Lord)

Punished and jailed, Urgash, the Primordial Dragon of Chaos, is consumed by hatred for his sister Asha and her creations. Ur-Haazheel, Demon Overlord of Hate, is the expression of that endless enmity and the mighty Pit Fiends are his most spectacular agents. Surpassed in their violent nature by only the most vehement Arch Demons, Pit Fiends are the most dangerous creatures found in the Infernal legions.

Pit Fiend - Pit Lord abilities

  • Hateful Retaliation (Basic & Upgrade): "Never underestimate a raging Pit Fiend's intelligence. They may fight like a possessed creature, but they have one hell of a good memory!" Those legendary words of advice were given by the Arch-Angel Harrodal to Pavel Griffin the week before he was slain in battle against a legion of demons. Pit Fiends never forget to retaliate against a creature that has done them damage in a battle, no matter where they are on the field of battle. They seem to keep a mental hate list, and there is always room for another name.
  • Blinded by Rage (Basic & Upgrade): A Pit Fiend is driven by Hatred the way a cart is driven by a horse. Nothing can control its anger on a battlefield and it is immune to all mental attacks that would affect even the strongest of wills. Ur-Hekal, the Overlord of Hate, is said to be the only power capable of making a Pit Fiend stop an attack, and since Ur-Hekal has never found a good reason not to attack someone, his favored creatures are considered uncontrollable even by the Princes of Sheogh.
  • Blade of Hatred (Basic & Upgrade): "Suddenly, all I could think about was that Rapheous owed me three crystals, and that I needed to make him pay. So I threw a fire ball at him." In this excerpt from a Seven Cities' Court martial Trial the wizards were the first to understand the maliciousness of the Pit Fiends' power of Hatred. When confronting a Pit Fiend the attacker might become momentarily infected by its hate. At that point anything can happen, and one might even attack an old friend over some ridiculous old squabble, until brought to reason by an attack from the true enemy on the battlefield.
  • Boundless Hate (Upgrade): A Pit Lord is the embodiment of pure Hatred. When it leashes its Boundless Hate, all enemies on the battlefield suffer the consequences, and even his allies take note. As the saying goes in Sheogh, "Never forget to bring a present to a Pit Lord's spawnday party. He'll certainly hate the present, but he'll hate you more if you forget."
MMH6 - Inferno - Pit FiendMMH6 - Inferno - Pit Fiend
MMH6 - Inferno - Pit LordMMH6 - Inferno - Pit Lord

Tormentor (Upgrade: Lacerator)

Tormentors are the servants of Ur-Traggal, Demon Overlord of Pain. Tormentors are consumed by the endless suffering of Urgash and inflict upon their own bodies unthinkable horrors. They draw power from their own agony, and use their deformations to strike their enemies. The Tormentors' skeleton is his main weapon, as he is able to tear out pieces of his body to use in combat. His ribs can pierce through his chest to pin an adversary: his bones can elongate and project through his fingers to provide him with razor-like talons.

Tormentor - Lacerator abilities

  • Retractable Spikes (Basic): It is said that nothing is more painful than a compound fracture, when pieces of bone pierce through the skin. A notable exception is when someone else's bones come piercing into your own. The Tormentors, who worship pain religiously, have the power to use their bones as weapons. They explode from their bodies like spikes and attack indiscriminately anyone who has the misfortune to be standing beside them. It hurts their victims even more than it hurts them.
  • Taste of Pain (Basic & Upgrade): Ur-Traggal, the Overlord of Pain, awards power to demons that seek situations where pain is distributed abundantly. There is no better place than on a battlefield. Ur-Traggal's favored creatures, the Tormented and Lacerators, have vowed unwavering allegiance to the philosophy and become more powerful with each blow they deliver or receive. Thus their common phrase of greeting "Give me your pain!” is often politely accompanied by a generous punch in the face.
  • Exploding Spikes (Upgrade): "Stab Lacerator in back or Lacerator's back stab you." An old Orc proverb taught to children to remind them to finish a job quickly once it has been started, draws its origin from legendary encounters with Lacerators. These creatures have the extraordinary power to expulse explosive pieces of bone laced with acid from their bodies that cause damage to all those around them.
MMH6 - Inferno - TormentorMMH6 - Inferno - Tormentor
MMH6 - Inferno - LaceratorMMH6 - Inferno - Lacerator

Breeder (Upgrade: Mother Breeder)

The Breeders were the result of Urgash crafting a material form that translated some of his own primordial drives. Specifically, the drive to consume mana and the drive to populate Ashan with hordes of creatures loyal to the dictates of Chaos. Bestowed upon Ur-Mespharoth, the Demon Overlord of Proliferation, the Breeder is an obese, pulsing mass of flesh that continually creates Imps. The Imps that she births are “spit” from the various orifices that randomly appear on her body.

Though this demon is almost incapable of movement, she constantly twitches and contracts with her insatiable need to procreate. This drive to reproduce eats her from the inside out, and much of her energy is consumed in efforts to control the mutations of her body. She will occasionally consume her own Imp offspring. She uses the mana energy that she ingests to impregnate herself, as nourishment, and to help her control the gruesome deformities that are created by her ceaseless cycle of birthing.

Breeder - Mother Breeder abilities

  • Mana Leech (Basic & Upgrade): Mana is a creative resource that allows one to make something out of nothing. The creatures of Ur-Aazheel, the Overlord of Proliferation, can smell Mana a mile away. Breeders not only rely on Mana to reproduce but can also channel its power from an enemy to their leader, whenever they are the target of an attack.
  • Proliferation (Upgrade): "Breeders breed fear. Breeder Mother breeds good reason." This Orc proverb used to illustrate the difference between an Orc of too many words and an Orc of action, draws it origins from the demonic creatures that they have fought bravely for centuries. Breeders multiply extremely quickly, and when one thinks that there are already a good number, there always seem to be a few more than originally counted.
MMH6 - Inferno - BreederMMH6 - Inferno - Breeder
MMH6 - Inferno - Mother BreederMMH6 - Inferno - Mother Breeder

Succubus (Upgrade: Lilim)

Some children of Asha (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, etc.), having promised themselves to Urgash and the lords of Sheogh, are raised after their death as Incubi (male) or Succubi (female). As reincarnations of powerful Demon cultists, they usually have a relatively high and unusual rank in the hierarchy of Demonkind. However, though many think they have the wit, devotion, and power needed to achieve this desirable status, in reality many of the pretenders end as lesser Incubi/Succubi (servants, sex slaves, etc…).

Their “mortal” origins make them useful as spies, infiltrators, and diplomats. To support this role, they are granted powers of illusion, charm and shape-shifting, so as to appear almost as beautiful and charismatic as Angels, but in a "carnal", sensual way, which allows them to influence lesser minds. Particularly in the development of the sects of Demon Cultists, it is almost inevitable that an Incubus or a Succubus will be present.

Succubus - Lilim abilities

  • Pleasure in Pain (Basic): Attacking a Succubus is never a painless affair. Each battle becomes a romantic dance similar to the courting parade of two wild Griffins at the beginning of spring. When one attacks the Succubus, there is a natural and instinctive pheromone-driven reaction, and the pretender does a little bit of damage to itself in its over aggressiveness as if to prove to its partner that he or she would make a worthy mate.
  • Seduce (Upgrade): "I knew I should o' killed her! But something made me wanna kiss her instead." Many a soldier who was lucky enough to survive an encounter with a Lilim on the battlefield, tells the same story. The creature has a mesmerizing power, and its sulfurous perfume seems to contain a hidden promise of pleasure, if its assailants would simply throw down their weapons.
  • Rapture in Agony (Upgrade): A battle with a Lilim is an exhilarating experience that has given even the most faithful warriors pause for reflection. Each successful attack against the beautiful creature comes with a dose of delicious pain. The tale of Lord Harris who left his young bride to battle the Lilim Frissona a thousand times is told at wedding parties all over Ashan. It is politely considered a warning for the groom, but most brides consider it a warning for them to assure that their wedding night becomes an unforgettable experience for their new husband.
MMH6 - Inferno - SuccubusMMH6 - Inferno - Succubus
MMH6 - Inferno - LilimMMH6 - Inferno - Lilim

Maniac (Upgrade: Demented)

Maniacs are the spawns of Ur-Vormoch, the Demon Overlord of Madness. These demons are the spirits of the unbalanced, infuriated and unpredictable nature of Chaos. A true offspring of their creator, the Maniacs excel at spreading fear and panic. The Maniacs cry and shriek in pain when attacking, and laugh when wounded.

Maniac - Demented abilities

  • Twisted Mind (Basic & Upgrade): The Maniac's sense of reasoning has crossed the normal boundaries of sanity. All forms of morality and logic have been abandoned and attempts to sap their morale or influence their mind find nothing but a multicolored mental wilderness. The Blind Brothers, who captured quite a few Maniacs during the 2nd Eclipse, say that explaining to a Maniac the reasons his violent behavior will lead him to a horrid death is like convincing a tree not to grow more bark for the winter.
  • Manic Laughter (Upgrade): Defending against a Demented is extremely disconcerting. It attacks a little before or a little after a normal creature would make a blow, making it slightly harder to defend against and giving it the advantage of unpredictability. When its blows come through, they land where their enemies least expect them to fall. This bolsters the Demented's resolve, and some swear they even heal themselves with the unpredictable misfortune that they cause to their enemies.
MMH6 - Inferno - ManiacMMH6 - Inferno - Maniac
MMH6 - Inferno - DementedMMH6 - Inferno - Demented

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