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Skeleton (Upgrade: Skeletal Spearman)

Skeletons are nothing more than dead, decaying bodies animated by the will of a Necromancer. Combining blind loyalty, indifference to hunger and thirst, and a lack of any sense of fear or doubt, the Skeleton is considered to be an excellent servant.

Skeleton- Skeletal Spearman abilities :

  • Hollow Bones (Basic & Upgrade): "Fools! Don't aim for their hearts! They don't have any!" Captain Gregor's legendary last order to his crossbowmen was immortalized by the only marksman to escape the encounter with unliving denizens of a tomb. The survivor recounted the incident to mad Emperor Laegaire himself, who was reportedly so upset not to have recovered the legendary bottomless flask of wine, that he appointed a goat to lead his armies that very same day. His reasoning was that a goat is better equipped to break bones than a band of bolt shooters.
  • Webbing Spears (Upgrade): The necromantic power used to animate the Skeletal Spearman is tremendous and has an extraordinary side effect. In the immediate area around the Spearman, all bones of any creature great and small that has fallen over the centuries, rise and form a sort of splintery and crackling garden that slows movement and commands respect.
Might and Magic Heroes VI - SkeletonSkeleton
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Skeletal SpearmanSkeletal Spearman
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Skeleton in gameSkeleton in game

Ghoul (Upgrade: Ravenous Ghoul)

Ghouls are ravenous spirits of the dead, bound by magic in lifeless corpses. Ghouls are tormented beings, filled with hatred for the living. Powerful Necromancers can control them, but otherwise they are wild and destructive.

Transformation into a ghoul is used as the ultimate punishment in Heresh, and is a means of permanently removing a soul from the cycle of death and transformation. Ghouls feed on corpses and often carry diseases in their blood and saliva.

Ghoul - Ravenous Ghoul Abilities :

  • Dead Flesh (Basic & Upgrade): "This meat is as tough as ghoul's skin." A famous line from a Naga comic play, recounting the story of a resourceful swordsmith's wife who during a famine feeds her husband leather armor for dinner, illustrates the principle characteristic of the ghoul. Both its flesh and skin are hardenened and tough and serve it as a natural armor that is extremely resistant to all forms of physical attack.
  • Rage Against the Living (Upgrade): "Unleash the ravenous ghoul, his hunger will lead us to the thief." The guardian of treasure in Nar Heresh, Baron Deathlock, kept ravenous ghouls near the sect's greatest treasures as watchdogs. Their heightened senses, driven by an insatiable hunger for living flesh, discouraged not only thieves, but rats and curious crows. When they catch the scent of a living creature they are possessed by the odor and move visibly faster, gaining both strength and a raging fury in preparation of a feast.
Might and Magic Heroes VI - GhoulGhoul
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Ravenous GhoulRavenous Ghoul
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Grave Ghoul in game Grave Ghoul in game

Vampire (Upgrade: Vampire Lord)

As they grow in power, Liches may earn the right to be embraced by the Spider Goddess herself to die and be reborn as Akhkharus, or "Vampires".

They undergo an excruciating ritual but gain a rejuvenated body, cleansed from all defects. Vampires don't need to eat, drink, sleep or breathe anymore as all their organs are "petrified," and it is not blood, but the sacred spider's venom, that now flows in their veins.

However, they need to drink human blood on a regular basis to thin this venom down, and prevent it from dissolving their body from the inside.

Vampire - Vampire Lord abilities

  • Vampiric Embrace (Basic): "They don't just drink blood to heal themselves, they need it to water down the venom flowing in their veins." When the armies of the Holy Empire first observed vampires fighting beside them during the wars with the Demons of the 2nd Blood Moon Eclipse, they didn't know which of the two was the greater evil. It was the Great Inquisitrice Amanda who first wrote about their powers, reportedly having captured one and put it to the question. "If the Vampire cannot feed, its own blood, a venom of sorts, consumes it from within. 
  • Out of Time (Basic & Upgrade): "Smash twice. Only sure way to kill it." These words of advice from a warworn Cyclops are particularly good to remember when fighting a Vampire. When concentrating only on defense, the vampire is capable of entering the Spirit World just long enough to avoid an attack. If one wants to be sure to damage it, one must strike it again before it has time to regain its composure.
  • Vampiric Grasp (Upgrade): "She stabbed him the belly, and he bit her in the back, the angels healed her everywhere and the Emperor drank to that." In the tavern song that recounts the epic battle between Amanda and the Vampire Lord Miroul, the Holy Empire's Great Inquisitrice is bitten in a different part of her body with each verse. She keeps stabbing the Vampire in the belly to know apparently no avail. She is finally victorious, but few actually get to that fortieth verse in the song before succombing to the ritual of downing their glass along with the Emperor.
Vampire Vampire
Vampire LordVampire Lord
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Vampire Knight in gameVampire Knight in game

Lich (Upgrade: Archlich)

Higher ranking Necromancers (the priests of the Spider Goddess) are given a life-prolonging elixir that is "milked from the venom of the Goddess's sacred spiders, and that they must mix with their food.

This "treatment" turns them into Asakkus, or "Liches", their bodies desiccated but now freed from the passions of the flesh. They keep aging however, until they look little more than walking mummies… The venom mixture also colors their whole eyes bright green.

Lich - Archlich abilities :

  • Asha's Embrace (Basic & Upgrade): "When a Lich is on the battlefield, watch the shadows… they grow longer." The Lich emits a permanent aura of Darkness that makes magical cursing as easy as calling someone a dirty name. Though Liches themselves seldom use vulgar language, many a sorry opponent has sworn and cussed when suffering from their augmented spells.
  • Life Drain (Upgrade): The Archlich has gained mastery over the cycle of Life & Death and can play with its energies. It can drain life from an enemy and pour it into the hungry body of an undead ally. This tremendous power, considered wicked by many, is considered to be a relatively altruistic action by necromancers, for it cannot be used to heal themselves.
Might and Magic Heroes VI - LichLich
Might and Magic Heroes VI - ArchLichArchLich
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Lich in gameLich in game

Ghost (Upgrade: Spectre)

Upon their death, the children of the Dragon Gods rise as spirits to the moon, to pass into eternity under the guiding hand of Asha. However, traumatic events can cause the creation of a Ghost, a spirit bound to the material world by a powerful, negative emotion.

By performing a specific ritual, Necromancers can convert Ghosts into loyal servants, under their absolute control.

Ghost - Spectre abilities :

  • Incorporeal (Basic): Ghosts are present both in the Spirit World and Ashan simultaneously, but never completely on either. This allows them to move through walls and trees without hindrance and when attacked physically, a part of the damage is lost to thin air. "My sword went right through him... and then it... went right through me!"
  • Wail of the Netherworld (Basic & Upgrade): Heals undead allies, possibly resurrecting creatures if the stack still exists. Living creatures around the healed target suffer minor damage that adds to the amount healed.
  • Death Sceal (Upgrade): "It was as if the spectre had marked his soul for harvest." In the diary of Priestess Jane, she explains the difficulty she had resurrecting soldiers who had been attacked by spectres. She claimed that the spectre had the power to seal its victim's rendez-vous with death, making it extremely difficult to bring them back to life during the heat of a battle.
  • Immaterial (Upgrade): "Of all the children of Ashan, it's their dead I hate the most! I smashed that spectre seven times, before it finally gave up its ghost." The Arch-Demon Zol-Moran is said to have been the first to encounter an army of spectres on the battlefield. His legion of Juggernauts was decimated and he swore that the next time he escaped Sheogh, he would bring magic users.
Might and Magic Heroes VI - GhostGhost
Might and Magic Heroes VI - spectrespectre
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Spectre in gameSpectre in game

Lamasu (Upgrade: Putrid Lamasu)

The Lamasus were a failed experiment by the wizards to create a superior breed of beastmen, by the unnatural fusion of a human being (usually a slave or criminal) and a magical creature (in this particular case, a Manticore). The resulting creature was too unstable and was literally short-lived, but they still proved useful to the Necromancers. The Necromancers rose their dead bodies and infected them with pestilence. The Lamasus function as plague vector, coupled with the creature’s physical might, and its mobility make them perfect front-line troops in the Undead armies.

Lamasu - Putrid Lamasu abilities

  • Aura of Putrescence (Basic & Upgrade): "When the blood of manticore and men are mixed, it gives birth to a sickness that kills its host and everything around it." The wizards of the Seven Cities considered the Lamasu a failed beastman experiment, until a humble embalmer discovered their true potential. They have become one of the most terrifying creatures of the Necromancer armies as walking dead. Their natural disease kills anything that stays too close to it for an extended period of time.
  • Breath of Vermin (Upgrade): "Wherever the Putrid Lamasu stalks, those who live off the dead stalk with it." A host of small vermin often accompany the beast, living both within its body and its oily fur. These parasites can be directed into a swarm and used as a weapon against an enemy. Its effects are devastating, and as one naga poet wrote, " an ugly gutter cat salting and peppering its next meal."
  • Contagion (Upgrade): The Putrid Lamasu carries a strain of a natural disease that is infectious. The only way to rid oneself of the deadly contagion is to sleep, something that is extremely difficult during a full-fledged battle. The discovery of the cure was immortalized by the Sun Crusader, Lord Kilburn, after a legendary victory over the Archlich Mironor. "Praise Elrath, we have won... and now all of you! Find a safe place to take a nap!"
MMH6 - Necro - LamasuMMH6 - Necro - Lamasu
MMH6 - Necro - Putrid LamasuMMH6 - Necro - Putrid Lamasu

Fate Spinner (Upgrade: Fate Weaver)

The Fate Spinner is an avatar of the Spider Goddess, a truly divine reflection of the Death aspect of Asha. She has left the goddess's side to materialize on the surface of Ashan. The Fate Spinner will often be present at the founding of a Necropolis, fortifying the foundations and encouraging its growth. Like the queen of a hive they nurtures the growth of a necropolis; under her protection the undead comb the region for lost souls which they then recruit to swell their ranks. The Fate Spinner can either assume the form of a spider-woman hybrid or that of a human woman with two legs and six arms.

Fate Spinner - Fate Weaver abilities

  • Dual Forms (Basic & Upgrade): "Spinner and Weaver, human or spider, they're one and the same. Both will sever the thread that ties you to this world." Hashima gave this warning to the armies of Eternal Empress before waging battle with the Necromancers of the Seven Cities. The Fates, have the power to change form, but both are extremely deadly.
  • Venomous Touch (Basic & Upgrade): "Kill the spiders quickly. Time is death's ally". The Venomous Touch of the Fates favors them in a prolonged conflict on the battlefield. The Naga general Maturato devoted an entire chapter in his famous epic poem of war, encouraging his students to change their traditional tactical strategies when encountering the terrible spiders in combat.
  • Freezing Web (Upgrade): "Tricky Spider got away. My blade still sticky." The Fate Weaver is a formidable foe and very difficult to kill if given the time to spin a web around itself. The Orcs hate their trapping ability in particular, as it counters their traditional charge and slash tactics, and requires a great deal of patience to defeat.
  • Baleful Gaze (Basic & Upgrade): "How amazing! It knows you're trying to kill it before even you do." The Arch-Demon Kha-Beleth was reportedly so amazed by the Baleful Gaze of the Fate Spinner that he spent a century trying to convince one to become his succubus. The Arch-Demon claimed that they could see briefly into the future and divine the violent intentions of their enemy. "I want one of the those!"
  • Dance of Decay (Upgrade): "Life and Death is a sacred cycle! Growing older is just the proof that Asha still knows your name." When a Fate Weaver starts to dance time seems to dance with her, and if you stand too close you will pass on to the Dragon-Goddess before your normally appointed time. The Dance of Decay accelerates the aging process, and is considered proof that the Fates do indeed draw their power from Asha, the Dragon of Order.
MMH6 - Necro - Fate SpinnerMMH6 - Necro - Fate Spinner
MMH6 - Necro - Fate Spinner SpiderMMH6 - Necro - Fate Spinner Spider
MMH6 - Necro - Fate WeaverMMH6 - Necro - Fate Weaver
MMH6 - Necro - Fate weaver Spider MMH6 - Necro - Fate weaver Spider

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