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“We will burn the world to ashes and dance upon its ruins!”Might and Magic heroes 6 - Inferno -Town

Country / kingdom

Sheogh, the Prison of Fire

Capital city

Ur-Hekal, the “Gate of the Burning Heart”


Inferno is the faction of demons, spawned by Urgash, the Dragon of Chaos, to confront and overcome the children of the Elemental Dragons. For centuries, they have been imprisoned in Sheogh, a mystical jail-world created at the heart of Ashan’s fiery core. They believe that the only meaningful moral value is individual freedom, and they feel no need to justify their actions. That's why they are viewed as "Evil" and dangerous, and why the other factions of Ashan prefer them to be locked up in their prison-realm. However, there are individuals, among these nations, who are seduced by this absolute notion of Free Will above all, and end up converted to demon worship.

The recent events

The heat and lava is something the Demons have evolved to actually appreciate, but the fact that they cannot escape their prison is insupportable. A new leader, Kha Beleth, has started to preach a world where all demons are created equal and have a right to live freely within and without Sheogh. He is gathering followers, and intends on using the upcoming Bloodmoon eclipse to gain a foothold on Ashan, and expose, if not impose, his people’s right to an equal place amongst the children of the Dragon Gods.

Inferno warfare : “Divide, Summon and Conquer”

The entire nation of Demons is an army. Each one lives only to raven and destroy, and is quite capable of wreaking tremendous havoc on his own. Forged together into a disciplined army, they would be nearly unstoppable. Fortunately for their enemies, instilling that discipline is harder than it looks, and the lesser demons often need to be driven along by massive.

Military strengths

Deadly magic, unparalleled stamina and toughness, luck is always on their side.

Military weaknesses

No discipline, flickering morale very few support abilities.

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