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“Born in the sacred Light of Elrath, sworn to spread it all over Ashan” Might and Magic Heroes VI Haven - Town

Country / kingdom

The Holy Empire

Capital city

Falcon’s Reach


Elrath, the Dragon of Light, and its first servants - the Angels

Haven is a feudal Holy Empire, protected by medieval knights and monks. They worship Elrath, the Dragon God of Light, who grants them magical powers based on the elemental dominion. Their objective is to lead a life worthy of Elrath’s ideals of Truth and Purity to shape the world in his image and to spread his sacred light.

The Holy Empire is a theocracy. In theory the Emperor has absolute rule, but in reality the land is chopped up into 6 Duchies and countless baronies, so at least one of these regions is always in some sort of revolt.

The recent events

The human nations, once divided into dozens of pretty kingdoms and savage clans became allies to the Angels, children of Elrath, and of this pact, the Holy Empire was born. The Imperial Nobles are excited when they hear that a Demon invasion has been prophesized. They see it as a chance to demonstrate their superiority to all other factions for the first time in history, by brilliantly and courageously shining in the exciting battles about to come. Their empire is ready to take its place as the legitimate defenders of Ashan.

Haven warfare : “Stand your ground”

Haven troops are composed of both human champions, like knights and priests, and mythical creatures like griffins and angels. They make excellent defensive fighters, and are legendary for getting their enemies to fight on the ground of their choosing. They often win in the long run by resisting their opponents’ assaults and preserving the freshness of their troops.

Military strengths

Buffing and healing magic, highly resilient troops, very high morale.

Military weaknesses

Focused on melee fighting, lack of aggressiveness.

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