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“Life is change, chaos, filth and suffering. Death is peace, order, everlasting beauty.”Might and Magic Heroes 6 - Necropolis - Town

Country / kingdom

The Silver cities

Capital city

None at the time of Heroes 6


Necromancers worship Asha, the Primordial Dragon of Order in a twisted version of her "Death" aspect.

Necropolis is the faction of the Necromancers. At the time of Heroes 6, they are not yet the powerful rulers of Heresh but just a splinter sect of the Wizards. Later, they worship the "Death" aspect of Asha. Their interpretation of the Goddess's darkest aspect is fanatical, emphasizing death alone and exalting the state of un-life to which all Necromancers aspire.

Necromancer life is ascetic in the extreme. Sensual pleasures are frowned upon, as is any sort of gaiety, or celebration. Citizens speak in whispers and low tones, nobody hurries anywhere, and there is little change on the streets from day to night. Those who have tasks do them, quietly, and then go home to the generally childless social groupings called "families" for lack of a better term. Necromancers spend their birthdays in seclusion and penitence. Procreation is generally frowned upon as a distraction from the greater work.

The recent events

Necropolis is at the beginning of their rise to power, and power they have. They are currently fighting for emancipation and acceptance from their brethren the Wizards of the Seven Cities. They do not seek to convert all the nations of Ashan to their morbid belief, nor to kill them all and raise them as undead, but rather to have a dominant place in the world as protectors of the equilibrium between the worlds of life and death. They see the upcoming Demon Invasion as an opportunity to sanctify their religious order and justify its existence to the other factions of Ashan.

Necropolis warfare : “A dead enemy is a good ally”

Necropolis troops are mainly composed of “puppet” undead units like skeletons and ghouls, controlled by necromancers, but also of more powerful entities like vampires and liches. They are slow but literally unstoppable, for killing what is already dead is not an easy matter and will often take time. Time that Necropolis will conscientiously exploit to slowly erode the body and dominate the spirit of their enemy.

Military strengths

Magics which can weaken and despair the enemy, units which have no notion of what fatigue and low morale actually are.

Military weaknesses

Limited mobility, slow troops, few support abilities.

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