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Blood and Tears

Reputation“You were born a Griffin! The story of your life is yours to write, but choose your ink wisely. There are only two colors… your blood or your tears.”

In Might & Magic Heroes, you are proposed two distinct ways of writing your destiny. Your blood descends from the Dragon-gods themselves, and if you follow your instincts, attacking fast and hard, throwing caution to the wind, your blood will serve you well.
There is also another way to write your hero’s story. You can do your best to understand the complexity of a situation before acting rashly. This path is for seekers of knowledge, protectors and the curious at heart. It is full of moments of surprising happiness, but also times of tragic sadness. This is the path of Tears.
Whatever path you choose, you must follow it through to its logical end. True heroes are true to their hearts. Whether trusting Blood or risking Tears, writing the story of your destiny will be an exciting adventure.

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