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"Go in peace, father. The Duchy is in able hands. May Elrath scorch the hearts of your murderers"

Anton becomes the Duke of Griffin at the age of 21, moments after the assassination of his father, Slava. He begins to suspect all those whose faith in Elrath, the Dragon God of Light, is not as strong as his own. Encouraged by strange voices that whisper to him in his mind, he immediately declares all forms of unorthodox worship outlawed.

Might and Magic Heroes VI - AntonMight and Magic Heroes VI - Anton
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Haven Male MighMight and Magic Heroes VI - Haven Male Migh


“I didn’t sell my soul... someone else did. I don’t care if it was to save the world… I’m getting it back.”

Kiril, assists helplessly to the assassination of his father, Slava, the Duke of Griffin, and the subsequent execution of the presumed murderer, his twin-sister Anastasya. Overwhelmed in anger, he agrees to accompany the Angel Sarah on a dangerous mission into Sheogh, the demon prison-world.

His goal is to find for the mysterious power that is responsible for the death of his father and sister.

Might and Magic Heroes VI -Inferno FaceMight and Magic Heroes VI - Inferno Face
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Inferno Male MightMight and Magic Heroes VI - Inferno Male Might


“I may be better off dead. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Anastasya is awoken by her Great Aunt Sveltana, and discovers that she has been brought back to life as an Unliving.
Apparently she had a hand in the assassination of her father Slava, the Duke of Griffin, and was executed by her own brother Anton.
Anastasya is convinced of her innocence and sets out to learn the dark arts of Necromancy in order to bring the true murderers of her father to justice.

MMH6  - Anastasia portrait MMH6 Anastasia portrait
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Anastasia Might and Magic Heroes VI - Anastasia


“I will not, and you cannot force me to. I decide...“

As a child Irina fell in with her rough-and-tumble half-brother, Sandor, and learned swordplay instead of courtly manners. They trained with the Orc Kraal, Duke Slava's Master-of-Arms, and caused gleeful havoc in the castle.

Betrothed to the lustful Duke Gerhart of the Wolf duchy, Irina was attacked on their wedding night. Reacting more like a warrior than a maiden, she wounded him severely and was thrown into his dungeons. Out of pride she would have died there, had Sandor not come to her rescue.

The two of them fled south toward the islands of the Jade Sea, where Irina found herself once more embroiled in politics. But this time she could raise her own army and look north -- to where Gerhart still lived, awaiting her vengeance...

Might and Magic Heroes 6 -  IrinaMight and Magic Heroes 6 - Irina
Might and Magic Heroes 6 -  Irina 2Might and Magic Heroes 6 - Irina 2


“You might find my proposals more interesting with my weapon at your throat. “

Sandor is the bastard child of Duke Slava Griffin and his first love, the beautiful lady Elisabeth. A political burden since birth, he soon became a troublemaker, and found an outlet for his frustration and anger alongside his father’s master-of-arms… the Orc, Kraal. Standing up for his family during a feud with his father’s neighbor, Gerhart, the Duke of the Wolf, Sandor will be exiled from the Holy Empire. Kraal will lead him to his original homeland: the savage Pao islands, floating in the Jade Sea...

MMH6 - SandorMMH6 - Sandor
MMH6 - Sandor portraitMMH6 - Sandor portrait

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