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The Game


In the wake of the events of Might & Magic® Heroes® VI, the city of Karthal, once a proud colony of the Holy Empire located in the Agyn Peninsula, is on the verge of secession.

The player will control the destinies of four adventurers, as they become entangled in the political machinations and intrigues unfolding in and around Karthal. Various powers, both old and new, are vying for control of the city.

As they grow in power and fame, the adventurers’ actions will determine the fate of the Agyn Peninsula, and if they are heroic and diligent, prevent the ghosts of the past from casting a dark shadow upon the region’s future.

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Might and Magic X Legacy - Story


Forge your own tactics:

Through the Might & Magic traditional and acclaimed first-person turn-based gameplay system, lead your team of four Heroes in their journey!

Choose your gender among four different races: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, the choice is yours! Each race also boasts three unique classes, each one having their own skills and abilities.

Defeat creatures and unique bosses, fulfill challenging quests, level up your group, and earn new powerful artifacts.

Classic RPG at its finest!

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - Bladedancer

    Elite among sylvan warriors, certain Elves dedicate their lives to the intricate Elven martial art known as the Battle Dance, relying on evasion and quick action rather than resistance or brute force.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - Crusader

    Crusaders are the battle-priests of Elrath. They can be found all over the world, spreading the teachings of the Light and fighting all the evils they encounter.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - HUNTER

    Orcs are, contrary to popular belief, not cannibals. Their diet is based heavily on the principle of “you caught it, you cook it”. Hunting provides the bulk of their diet. Orc Hunters, as all other Orcs, are also fierce warriors, capable of surviving on their own in the wild for weeks, or even years.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - RUNE PRIEST

    The Rune Priests are members of the Deepflame clan, a special caste among the Dwarves, recruited from children born with golden eyes -- the mark of their god, Arkath -- who are then brought up as battle-mages.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - DRUID

    The druids are the priests of Sylanna, Elemental Dragon of Earth and living embodiment of Nature. As such they are granted control over the magic of the elements, which they call upon in times of peril.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - MERCENARIES

    Mercenaries hail from the Free cities. They are warriors and explorers that follow Ylath, the Dragon of Air, wandering the world in search of riches and causes worth fighting for.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - SCOUT

    The Dwarves of clan Winterwind are the most outgoing of all of their kind. They are the ones most likely to be found on the surface or dealing with outsiders. They are expert travellers and have deep knowledge of the wilds.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - SHAMAN

    Orc Shamans are a strange breed. They act as mediums between the material world and the spirit world, which they refer to as the “Dream World”. To enter this realm, they undergo deep trance rituals, the nature of which is specific to each Shaman. From their journeys into the “Dream World”, the Shamans bring insights that help them draw magical powers from their own demon blood.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - The Freemage

    The Freemage has the potential to strengthen or heal, since she is familiar with all schools of magic. Due to her physical weakness, she must be protected from harm by her companions.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - The Ranger

    The Ranger is a great damage dealer with the bow. She can also rely on the support of Earth and Air magic. Like all Elves, she prefers light armor and is pretty fragile, but she can evade attacks quite well.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - Dwarf Defender

    Specialized warriors and veritable champions of defense, Dwarf Defenders always stands their ground. Heavy armor and huge shields define them. They absorb the shock of powerful blows and deflect deadly arrows as if they were silmply swatting flies.

  • Might and Magic x Legacy - Orc Barbarian

    Orc Barbarians boast astounding vitality and tremendous endurance. They spurn arcane knowledge, relying on tribal magic and tradition to activate the tremendous powers dormant in their Demonic blood.

Might and Magic X legacy - discover ashan

Discover a new part of Ashan:

The world of Ashan is full of mysteries hidden in remote places; it is so gigantic that numerous parts of it remain unexplored even by the bravest of Heroes.

Take a look around the Agyn Peninsula, a totally new environment in the Might & Magic universe. Get familiar with its epic wilderness and meet the locals who are full of surprises…

Explore twisted dungeons:

What would be a classic RPG without numerous Dungeons to explore? In Might & Magic X® Legacy, you will need to crawl and fight your way through twisted dungeons, immense cities, and mind-boggling labyrinths.
You must avoid hidden traps and solve puzzling riddles in order to survive!

Beware! You never know what is hiding around that next corner!

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Might and Magic x Legacy - explore