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The World

The Agyn Peninsula is located in the south-west of the continent of Thallan, and is surrounded by the Irisus Sea to the north, the Savage Sea to the south-west, and Tirya Bay to the south-east. Whereas the eastern part of the Peninsula is civilized, the western part remains an inhospitable land, with dark forests, thick bogs, perilous mountains and desolate barrens, roamed by wild animals, brigands and other dangers, while pirates terrorize its coastline.

Landmarks include the high peaks of the Vantyr Range, the Yon-Chall Forest, and the mysterious Elemental Forge of the ancient Shantiris. In the Elven language, Agyn means "the Untamed Wing".

While not a Duchy itself, it is considered a part of the Holy Falcon Empire, although the Elves of Irollan and the Wizards of the Seven Cities have had their sights on this region for a very long time…

A few visuals were used courtesy to Might & Magic Duel of Champions.

Might and Magic x Legacy - map
Shantiri’s ruins

Centuries ago, a great civilization appeared on the shores of the Jade Ocean: the Shantiri Empire. The Shantiris were a gathering of various Elder Races, mostly Humans, Dwarves, Nagas and Elves. The Shantiris spread across the face of the world, building titanic cities and temples.
Then came the Elder Wars. Angels and Faceless, children of Light and Darkness respectively, consumed their hatred in a genocidal war. In a single night, most inhabitants of the Shantiri Empire vanished and their magnificent cities were cast down.
The Agyn Peninsula harbours many Shantiri ruins, attracting all kinds of treasure-hunters and lore-keepers who hope to unlock their secrets, while ignoring the persistant rumours claiming the ruins are haunted – or worse…

Might and Magic X Legacy - World