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  Might and Magic - The cosmic EGG

Welcome to the world of Ashan!

Ashan is a High Fantasy world where Dragons are primordial gods and the embodiment of magic, where warring factions fight for dominance through the powers of Might and Magic.


In the beginning there was Magic and the Void. Magic formed itself into the Cosmic Egg. Inside the Egg the Dragon twins Asha and Urgash, Sister and Brother, Order and Chaos, were nurtured with Primordial Magic until they hatched. Spawned from Magic to exist amidst the Void, the Primordial Dragons were the first with the potential to harness its unlimited power. While the brother Urgash basked in Magic’s infinite possibilities, dreaming of its potential for unlimited freedom, the sister Asha decided to give it shape and purpose.



Asha defined and named six “colours” of Magic that she had identified floating amongst the cosmic Void. They were Darkness, Light, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. These were the threads with which she would weave the universe.


Asha gave birth to six Dragon Children, manifestations of the colours of Magic, to both guide and rule her creation. Malassa daughter of Darkness, Elrath son of Light, Sylanna daughter of Earth, Arkath son of Fire, Shalassa daughter of Water and Ylath son of Air.

  Might and Magic - The Elder Races


Asha now decided to create servants for her Dragon children. These Elder races were also emanations of the colours of Magic: the Faceless of Darkness, the Angels of Light, the Elves of Earth, the Dwarves of Fire, the Nagas of Water, and the Humans of Air. To give them sentience and grant them the ability to use Magic, Asha baptized them in the blood of their respective patron Dragon, so that it would mix with their own and flow in their veins.


Urgash looked upon the Elemental Dragons, and the world that Asha had made, and he was filled with envy and disgust. What his sister had created, he would destroy, what she had organized, he would unravel and corrupt. In mockery of the Elder races, Urgash spawned the Demons, a race of alien creatures who live in a constant state of change, yielding to every urge they felt no matter how base. To impose some semblance of authority over his unruly, vicious offspring, Urgash created six Demon Overlords, twisted counterparts to the Elemental Dragons. Each Overlord was given dominion over a different aspect of Urgash’s unbridled passions.

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