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the Dragon of AIR

Might and Magic - Ylath

Young and impetuous, the Dragon of Air is the seeker of hazardous knowledge, of crafts that are handed down by the shortlived humans from father to child, of myriad facts about the world which he views from on high.

Like the wind, he travels everywhere to collect all the sights and sounds he can pick on his way. Curious and intuitive, he is quick to sense the meaning of all things, but he is also restless and frivolous.
Ylath never asked to be worshipped. His only commandment is that his followers should explore, learn, and enjoy all things in life, but mostly, that they should do as they wish, as long as they respect and honour the world that the Dragons created (this point being the crucial line drawn between Ylath and Urgash).
As his chosen people, Ylath selected the Humans, for they are youngest race, as he is the youngest dragon, and as curious and restless as he is.
But in the Holy Empire, his cult has been supplanted by that of his elder brother Elrath, the Dragon of Light.
However, Ylath is still very popular among the nomad barbarian tribes that roam the vast territories stretching beyond the Empire, and in the Free Cities.
He is also honoured by the travellers, bards, and spies, by the mummers, courtiers, rakes and thieves, and even by some Wizards (for his extensive arcane knowledge but also his tendency to make even the simpler facts appear “hermetic”).

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